How To Stop Being Wussy With Women

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Here’s how to stop doing all the things that turn women off... and start doing all the things that turn women on!

Yesterday when I was at a restaurant I overheard a couple arguing in the corner about their relationship...

She was trying to explain why she didn’t want to go out with him anymore, but could not come up with the right words to say.
He looked really sad and confused as to why she wanted to leave but couldn’t tell him what he was doing wrong.

He was like... Please just tell me what I am doing wrong and I’ll fix it.

She then said... I , I don’t know what it is , it just doesn’t feel right, I mean, I don’t know Im just not feeling it anymore...

The problem with this guy was that the harder he tried and the more desperately he tried to hold on to his girlfriend the more she wanted to leave.

The more this guy tried to kiss hug and love her like he thought she wanted the more rejection he received.

This really screws with a dudes head as he has NO idea what to do. He’s doing all the things women tell him to do to attract a women but he’s just getting rejected.

The craziest thing about all this is that the exact thing he is doing to get her back is the reason why she is leaving.

If you don’t know already the reason why he was getting rejected was because women just don’t feel attraction for wussy and needy guys.

The problem is that it’s so easy to be the wuss/nice guy that women want because you very often get positive feed-back.

Long story short – Women don’t know what the hell they want themselves!

They think they want the sensitive guy because thats who they are but they don’t realise that their heart always picks the strong man in the end.

The guy who is going to protect her and her children, which is always going to be the dominant male in her eyes.

So if you find yourself becoming uninteresting, predictable and boring which pretty much always happens to guys after a few years of dating one girl and DEFINATLY to married guys then STOP

For gods sake stop being boring – try to remember who you were before you started dating this devil women who has turned your mojo into jelly with too much pampering and pink ribbons.

Once again she does NOT know she is doing this so you have to actively seek out help and consciously stop yourself from being the wuss...


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Your women could be showing signs of becoming:

Increasingly controlling, domineering, and neurotic.

I am sure you are now thinking...

What the hell is going on?

If this happens in most relationships... Why do couples slowly self destruct through the actions they perform.

Once again an unintuitive event in the lives of couples and dating.

So how do we stop it?

David D Always Says


The whole concept of women and men not choosing who they feel attracted too but it just happening... (fate , love at first site etc)

You can't consciously try to feel attracted or not attracted to someone, it just happens right?

While culture, peer pressure, and trends can shape our natural drives slightly, the FUNDAMENTALS NEVER CHANGE.


Men value looks in a women very highly so it is natural to think that we feel that women would do the same... BUT THEY DONT

Women are attracted to the sense of dominance and authority

Of course you need to look O.K. but looks are NOT whats holding you back in the world of dating no matter how hard you want to believe it.

Women can easily see past unattractive guys if the guy in question is pushing her attraction buttons...

So ATTRACTION is created by your PERSONALITY.

So from now on work on using:








And Indifference

In your repertoire rather than thinking your looks are what counts.


Now let’s move on and find out how we can be dominant adventurous and dangerous to attract women